The tested budding-tie for graftings

Our OKULETTE budding-tie provides you with the ideal grafting and budding material for roses, fruit trees and shrubs.

Worldwide price-conscious companies rely on our product, which has proved itself a million times over each year, and assures you of the best possible results for your plants.

Labour saving

Our grafting- and budding-tie settles the constant problem of obtaining staff, as it does not required professionals to perform the task. After a short period of training, tiers can casily achieve a rate of 400-500 per hour, while some even manage up to 600. As a result of this extraordinary achievement, a more advantageous staff assignment is possible and on tier can easily serve two budders.

Self-disposal of bandage 

The ties do not have to be removed as the thin high quality budding rubber is subjected to atmospheric conditions an self disposable within 3 or 4 weeks.

Protection against insects

Until they dissolve, the grafting- and budding-tie provides firstclass protection against all insects.

Unobstructed growth

Our OKULETTE budding-tie guarantees an unobstructed growth in thickness, which is essential for the development of the bud.

Better growth

In addition to the bud being tightly enclosed, the elasticity of the rubber also seals the cut, made in the root-stock. Absolute air and water tightness, together with even pressure on the bud, promotes the growth of the bud considerably.

Inexpensive budding techniques

Excellent growth together with the saving of time and wages makes the OKULETTE an extremely low cost tie.

Environmental friendly

Compared with plastic budding-tie material, our budding-ties are made of natural rubber and cause no damage to the environment, as they decompose completely.


We produce the complete budding-tie from natural rubber to the finished product and use only selected types of natural rubber from identical plantations to guarantee a consistently high quality.

Sizes of OKULETTE, available for various purposes:

R 20  For rose stocks

R 21  For larger rose stocks and standard stems

O 30  For fruit stocks and shrubs

O 40  For larger fruit stocks and shrubs

O 45  For extra large fruit stocks and shrubs

Here you can find more information as PDF