Special elastic grafting rubber, which has proved its top quality for many years.

Fleischhauer FLEXIBAND is a special type of rubber for tying of grafts. Rubber is subject to natural ageing caused by ozon and ultraviolet radiation.

Please take this into consideration when choosing the type of rubber.

Attention: Grafting wax with solvents is not suitable for coating.

Type A

for grafting of fruit, berry and avenue trees ect.
A rubber band with long durability and particularly resistant to ozone and ultraviolet radiation.

Available in the following dimensions:

100 x 3,5mm         approx.  4.200 / kg

120 x 3,5mm         approx.  3.200 / kg

140 x 3,5mm         approx.  2.900 / kg

140 x 6,0mm         approx.  1.900 / kg

160 x 6,0mm         approx.  1.700 / kg

180 x 6,0mm         approx.  1.500 / kg

200 x 6,0mm         approx.  1.250 / kg

220 x 6,0mm         approx.  1.220 / kg

240 x 6,0mm         approx.  1.050 / kg

240 x 8,0mm         approx.     750 / kg

Type B

for conifer, rhododendron and azalea grafting.
A particularly soft elastic rubber band for greenhouse grafting.

Available in the following dimensions:

100 x 3,5mm    approx.  4.200 / kg

120 x 3,5mm      approx.  3.200 / kg

140 x 3,5mm       approx.  2.900 / kg

Type C

special rubber compound for all kinds of „Chip Budding“.

Available in the following dimensions:

200 x 15mm       approx.  1.100 / kg

200 x 20mm        approx.     800 / kg

240 x 20mm        approx.     550 / kg

Additional dimensions upon inquiry.

Here you can find more information as PDF